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“I have now enjoyed multiple sessions of microneedling and botox with Megan and it has been nothing but top notch service. Besides Megan making me look beautiful and less stressed (lol), she has provided great education on skin care and maintenance tips for keeping up with hydrated and beautiful skin. Would totally recommend Megan and all of her services!” -Kayla P. 

“Megan is the absolute best! She made my first Botox experience (and many since) perfect and hassle free even when my face wants to be a pain! She has microneedled my face three times and I’m loving the results and how it has cleared up my acne scars! I don’t trust anyone but her - she always has her clients best interests in mind.” -Jordan S.

“Megan is amazing!! My first time receiving Botox was a great experience. After taking photos of me, she broke down my needed areas and was very honest in the most pleasant way. She wasn’t trying to just push product on me and was attentive to making me feel comfortable with what I wanted. I had no bruising, pain, and my deep frown line is nonexistent!! I had an awesome experience and will definitely continue to back to Megan and have highly recommended her to others!” -Lakeysha M.

Megan is an east coast native with dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing (BSN) and Health Science (BS) from the University of Massachusetts. She first began her career in research focused on health promotion, prior to starting her nursing career at Johns Hopkins and Boston Children’s Hospital where she specialized in pediatric critical care. Four years ago Megan and her husband headed west to California where she began to cultivate her true passion in nursing while working in perioperative services, plastic surgery and aesthetics.   

Megan is a certified aesthetic injector with numerous trainings in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, advanced facial injection techniques, as well as skin care services including microneedling and dermaplaning. She enjoys using a variety of products and services depending on the patient’s unique needs and goals. Her approach to aesthetics combines her passion for preventative health and beauty grounded in science and aesthetic artistry.